How to Take Care of Your Teeth on a Budget

I’ve struggled with my teeth ever since I was a child, and to this day I still tend to be prone to cavities and susceptible to decay.

A lot of my initial problems stemmed from growing up without dental insurance…taking care of teeth can be expensive!


And I’m not alone. Many people neglect their teeth due to the high costs of dentists, and only realize the extent of the damage when they finally need major work done.

But there are ways to take care of your teeth without the high costs! These tips are a great place to start determining how to take care of your teeth without spending a fortune.

Brush and Floss Properly

Brushing your teeth is possibly the most effective way of ensuring you don’t have issues with your teeth later in life.

Although there are various causes of tooth decay, properly cleaning your teeth will help reduce the probability of cavities.

How much time do you allocate to brushing your teeth? Cleaning each tooth takes time.

Most dentists recommend at least ten seconds per tooth. This essentially means you need an average of three minutes to brush all the teeth adequately.

If you find you’re rushing the job, setting a timer can be a great way of ensuring you’re getting your teeth their cleanest.

Use an Antibacterial Mouthwash Daily

The bacteria in your mouth is what’s responsible for tooth cavities. And it’s virtually impossible to get rid of that bacteria with just brushing and flossing.

Using antibacterial mouthwash once a day will help eliminate most of that bacteria to help prevent cavities. Mouthwash also protects your teeth from irritation and infection.


Replace Your Toothbrush Every Three Months

How often do you replace your toothbrush?

The bristles on a toothbrush become weaker after a few months, which reduces the brush’s effectiveness and increases the probability of tooth decay. Worn-out bristles can even damage your gums!

And while you may be great at replacing your toothbrush every couple of months, don’t forget you should also change your toothbrush if you’ve had a cold, flu, sore throat or mouth infection.

If you recently had surgery, you should also replace your toothbrush every couple of weeks until you fully recover.

Schedule Regular Dental Checkups

Dental care is expensive, but it gets even more costly if you avoid those regular checkups and cleanings.

It’s cheaper to treat a dental problem right away instead of when an issue has had the chance to grow or spread.

If you discover unusual sensations in your mouth, whether it is a dull ache or sensitivity to cold drinks, visit your dentist immediately.

It’s best to go and find out it is nothing, instead of waiting and having a problem get worse (and more expensive to correct).


Visit a Dental Collage

Considering that even a simple checkup and cleaning usually costs over $150, it’s no wonder people tend to avoid regular dentist visits…especially when they aren’t experiencing any issues.

But there are alternatives that can save the average person a lot of money on their dental care!

For example, dental students, especially those in their final years of training, need real people to give them the necessary experience.

Patients who go to dental colleges get dental treatments at significantly reduced costs. And with certified dentists and professors supervising the procedure, you can be confident you’re getting quality treatment.

One thing to remember when visiting a dental collage is that the student dentists do tend to take a bit more time at their work than a fully qualified dentist.

So, make sure to plan on investing some extra time in the chair to help you save that extra money!

Request Pricing from Well-Reviewed Dentists

Many people assume that when you pay more for dental services, you are receiving better care.

But many reasonably-priced dentists offer quality service that could save you hundreds over the years. Search for the highest-rated dentists in your area, then start requesting prices.

You might be surprised to discover a highly skilled dentist whose services are quite affordable. If you already have a dentist but find his or her prices exorbitant, seek a cheaper facility.

It’s better for your teeth if you have a dentist you can afford to visit frequently, instead of one you only get to see when you have extra money.


Consider Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry has become increasingly popular over the years and may be worth investigating for minor issues. Natural dental solutions are used to treat issues with the mouth, teeth and gums.

A holistic dentist may recommend herbal infusions to deal with some dental problems, for example, while conventional dentists may choose an invasive, costly treatment.

Exploring the various options has the potential to reduce your dental care costs while increasing your oral health.


When it comes to learning how to take care of your teeth, I’ve figured out over the years that an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure every time.

Sadly, the deep cavities from my childhood will likely eventually need expensive caps to avoid any further breaking down. I’m the perfect example of why being diligent about dental health is so important!

And with a little effort and some research, even those annual dental checkups and cleanings can be a lot cheaper than you think…especially when you consider all the money you’ll save by keeping your teeth and gums healthy!

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