Save Money on Mom Fashion and Beauty

Cute onesies. Fashion-forward diaper covers. Size 3 skinny jeans (3T that is). If your fashion focus has been primarily on your kids, who can blame you? They are so stinking cute and dressing them can be really fun.

But it’s important to remember that you deserve to look and feel great too! Even though keeping quick-growing kids clothed can take a big chunk out of the family budget, you can still update your look without breaking the bank!

Consider these ways to save on your new mom fashion looks:

Update with Accessories

Add a few in-the-moment fashion accessories to a classic outfit that’s already in your closet, whether it’s for the park, a play date, work, or a night out.


Don’t spend a lot on these trendy items which aren’t likely to last season after season – check stores such as Target, Claire’s Boutique, H&M, Walmart, or low cost local boutiques.

Some fun trends to consider include aviator sunglasses, large sparkly cocktail rings, statement necklaces, scarves, and lots of bracelets – they can be bangles, beaded, cuffs, woven or wooden, but wear several at a time on one wrist.

Buy One Item You’ll Wear All the Time

Do you live in jeans? Wear a black blazer to work at least a couple of times a week? Incorporate a classic white tee into almost every outfit?


Whether it’s a bag, pair of shoes, article of clothing, or accessory, if there is something you reach for again and again, you might want to update your look by replacing that item with one that fits, looks, and feels just right.

And “great” doesn’t have to mean pricey – just try to carve out a little time to find a piece that’s just right for you. Jeans in particular can be notoriously tough to buy, but if you grab a bunch of styles, washes and fits and attack that three-way mirror with a vengeance, you’ll be rewarded every time you pull on your perfect pair.

Shop Friends’ Closets with a Clothes Swap

Chances are there’s more than one item in your closet that is fashionable and in good shape, but that you never, ever wear.


So get your friends together for a fun “Mom’s Night Out” and have them all bring a bag of clothes they’re ready to part with. Lay everything out, or toss it all in a pile and let everyone dig in!

You should each end the night with a few new items to update your wardrobe. Then, spread some love by donating any leftover items to a local charity.

Pull Your Mom Fashion Together with Quick Beauty Tips

Unless you’re one of those superwomen who don’t need to sleep, or you have a staff of 12 around to help you, perfect hair and makeup is probably saved for special occasions. For most moms, “blowout” is more likely to refer to an unfortunate diaper incident than shiny hair!


Still, you can feel more polished and pulled together by trying these quick beauty tips:

  • Add some style to that low maintenance ponytail by doing a quick braid from a side part to a little past your ear on one side. You can also just twist the hair before tucking it into the pony tail for an even faster look – you don’t even need a mirror.
  • If you know that nail polish will get chipped before you can redo it, just skip it! Instead, after trimming your nails short, file the edges to a slightly rounded square and then buff the surface, which will make your nails shiny. The result is a classic and natural look.
  • If you skip everything else, remember the sunscreen and moisturizer. Moisturizing lotion will help your skin look and feel fresh and youthful, and sunscreen will help keep it looking that way for years to come. Mix them together to just apply once and save time, or find a lotion you like with an SPF of 30 or higher, especially for your face.

By combining these low-cost mom fashion tips with some easy beauty techniques, you won’t have to sacrifice style for parenthood. Give them a try and show off some affordable mom fashion!

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