3 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill in Winter

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As temperatures drop each year, expenses tend to get a little higher, which means budgets get a little tighter. Utilities get used a lot more during the cold, dark, winter months, and that means more money spent keeping the lights on.


But you can still find ways to save! If you’re wondering how to keep your electric costs down a bit, try one of these 3 easy tips to help you save on your electric bill:

1. Boost Your Radiator’s Heat


Radiators can be tweaked to provide more heat without using more energy. Start by trying one of these easy tricks:

  • Try a reflective foil for the radiator: A reflective sheet is placed between the wall and the radiator, which reflects heat back into the room instead of having it dissipate against the wall. You can either buy a special radiator foil, or try it for free by wrapping a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil.
  • Try a radiator booster: A small fan that’s created for radiators, a radiator booster is activated when the radiator kicks on, and then directs the radiator’s heat to the center of the room. This helps heat the room more quickly to minimize the time the radiator runs.

Make sure to also ensure your radiator is working at peak efficiency by doing some basic radiator maintenance before winter begins.

2. Adjust the Thermostat

Even though it can be hard to remember, programming your heating depending on when you’re in certain rooms is a great way to keep warm without spending too much on the electricity bills.


Keep the heat lower during times you’re in the bedroom, for example, since a cooler environment improves sleep quality. While you are using your living room, set the temperature a little higher to keep you comfortable.

If a programmable thermostat is in your budget, you can make switching from one temperature to another at different times an automatic process, saving you money without even having to think about it.

But even if you have a traditional thermostat, there are ways to save without a lot of effort. Set a daily timer on your phone to remind you to turn the heat down each night, and each morning when you leave for work.

And don’t forget to make sure you change your furnace filter regularly! When it’s clean, the house will heat more efficiently and the furnace won’t need to run for as long.

5. Save By Switching Off


Instead of leaving small appliances like the coffee maker and toaster plugged in constantly, consider unplugging them when they’re not being used. And if you’re planning some cheap travel with the kids this winter, make sure to also unplug large appliances like the washer, dryer, and stove before you leave as well!

To save even more, consider also upgrading to energy efficient lighting that turns off automatically. For a relatively low investment, you can buy lightbulb socket timers that let you set schedules for your lights so they turn off and on automatically.

Outdoors, use solar lights for your driveway and garden, rather than spending more money lighting your property.


Winter can be an expensive season, so make the most of every dollar by ensuring your home is as efficient as possible. When you want to save on your electric bill, even small changes can add up to big savings!

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